Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Print Gocco

This is my first proper attempt at using the Gocco printer I bought last year. I had to use three different screens to get the colour separations I required. As I bought the cheaper PG5 machine I struggled a little with registration, as it doesn't have a proper system to line up the paper like the more expensive PG11. However I found this didn't bother me, and like the fact that the prints aren't perfect (the one above probably lined up the best out of all of them). I want to do a series of prints - most likely in hand made book form - inspired by old photos found in charity shops and flee markets - anonymous people. The first one I have done though is from an old Daugerotype that belongs to my Aunt, we can't be sure exactly who she is, most likely Sarah Collumbell my great great great Grandmother. The first Daugerotype studio opened in Derby in July 1843.