Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thalassing is the second release on my little CD label 'Clay Pipe Music'. I designed, illustrated and Gocco printed the cover.

Thalassing' is a self titled CD by duo Michael Tanner and Kerrie Robinson.
Michael has made music under many guises Plinth, Cloisters and The A.Lords to name but a few as well as recording and playing live with Mark Fry and Sharron Kraus. Last year he released the brilliant 'Music for Smalls Lighthouse' on Second Language. Kerrie plays in Betika.

I made 100 copies of the CD and now have about 5 left. If you want one of the last copies you can buy it from the Clay Pipe Music website.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cards for Roger La Borde

Here is something I should have blogged about way back in Febuary when these cards first came out. They were for Roger La Borde who initially saw the bear (which was originally a web ad for my agents Arena) and then commissioned me to do three more 'mother and baby' images to make a set.